When are worship services?
Sunday morning, first service at 8:30 a.m. (communion monthly, nursery, no special music); and a second service at 10:45 a.m. (communion weekly, nursery, children’s message, and special music). Fellowship time between the services and Sunday School each Sunday.
Who is welcome?
Anyone desiring to worship the Lord is welcome in our service. Our communion table is open to all who believe in the Lord, repent of their sin, and desire to live in love and charity with their neighbor.
What to wear?
Men wear anything from slacks and a polo shirt to coat and tie. Women wear anything from dresses to slacks. What you wear is not an issue, just come and worship.
What is our service like?
We have two “traditional” worship services (8:30 and 10:45 a.m.). Announcements precede worship. We sing from our hymnal and hymnal supplement that has some older and newer songs of the faith. Our singing is accompanied by a piano. We have a choir that leads congregational singing and sings an anthem each week. Occasionally we have special music provided by a member of the congregation or even a special guest. During the 10:45 AM service, there is a children’s message each week after which a nursery is available for the younger children and children’s church is available for children through third grade. We read scripture and have a twelve to fifteen minute message. We share joys and prayer concerns. And we close with singing and a benediction.

Who participates?

Our pastor leads the service. However, volunteers light the candles, lead the responsive call to worship and prayer, and read the scripture. Congregational responses are printed in the bulletin.

Special Worship Services


Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of every month at the 8:30 AM service and every Sunday at the 10:45 a.m. traditional service. Our communion table is open to all who believe in the Lord, repent of their sin, and desire to live in love and charity with their neighbor.


We have a quarterly Taize worship service. A Taize worship service is a contemplative type service that is characterized by readings, singing, and prayer. The tone of the service is quiet and reverent and the lighting is typically dimmer. The service offers an alternative form of worship that can help us find a meditative time of quiet in which to focus on and experience God in our midst. This service usually lasts about 45 minutes.


Occasionally we have a baptism during our worship service. We typically celebrate baptism through the grace of God with the laying on of hands by the family and the sprinkling of water by the pastor. Baptism is a communal event and the congregation plays a role in the reading of liturgy from our hymnal. If you have not been baptized and would like to discuss the meaning of baptism, our pastor would be glad to talk with you.


Weddings are typically separate services not done during our weekly worship.