You are invited to join the membership of Bethel United Methodist Church. If you wish to join, let our pastor know because you may join in one of several ways as outlined below. Our pastor holds frequent membership classes for those who wish to join in the fellowship of our congregation. During the classes, you will learn about or be refreshed concerning the specific beliefs of the United Methodist Church and about the organization, mission and functioning of our congregation. Membership in our congregation is something that we take seriously and offer openly, but we believe membership is an individual’s commitment to God and to the congregation. In many ways it is a mirror of Christ’s commandment to love God with all your heart, and soul and mind and to love your neighbor as yourself. Our congregation is the foundation for our mission to go into the world and make disciples for Christ.

By Baptism or Profession of Faith

If you have not been baptized, the pastor will be happy to discuss the meaning of the sacrament with you and work with you to be baptized and become a member. If you have been baptized, but have not been active in another congregation, you may join by professing of your faith in Christ and accepting the vows of membership in which you make the commitment to support the church through your prayers, presence, gifts, and service.

By Confirmation

If you are a youth who has been baptized, but never joined a church, the pastor will be happy to engage you in a confirmation class in which you will learn about the beliefs of Christians in general and the United Methodist Denomination. Following your confirmation class, you may make the commitment to membership in our congregation by vowing support through prayers, presence, gifts and service.

By Transfer of Your Membership

Your baptism and membership is accepted. You may transfer your membership from any other United Methodist Church or Christian denomination.

“Join” but Keep Your Membership in Your Present Church

Our church offers two special forms of membership for those who come to an area for a “year or two” and plan to return to a “home” church. If you are a United Methodist, you may join as an Affiliate Member, which gives you full rights of membership here even though you are not added to our roll. Members of other denominations may become Associate Members in the same manner.

What do you have to do if interested?

Just contact our pastor and set up an appointment to discuss your situation. For more information on Methodist beliefs, you can visit the United Methodist Church website. We welcome you to join us as we live our faith and share God’s love with each other, with our community, and with all those that we meet.