Advent Devotional
We publish a Devotional booklet each year that includes faith stories of members and friends of our congregation. There is a story for every day of the Advent and Christmas season. It is an excellent opportunity to get to know one another through shared faith stories.
Angel Tree
A ministry of the Outreach committee held early in the Advent season. We put angels on the Christmas tree with gifts listed on each angel. You take an angel and purchase and wrap a gift for a needy family. Gifts are returned to the church and distributed just before Christmas.
Annual Conference
Meeting of all the United Methodist Churches in our conference (Virginia). It usually occurs in the second week of June.
B.A.S.I.C. Training
Brothers and Sisters in Christ is a children’s ministry designed to help our children understand issues of faith and the importance of church as family.
Bethel Bugle
The name of our bimonthly newsletter.
The name of our youth group which is short for Bethel United Methodist Youth.
“Change to Change a Life”
The gray bucket sits in the window of the narthex and is the collection point for change to change a life. This ministry started in 2000 by Brooke Hahne and is designed for each of us to put our pocket change in the bucket as we leave worship. The change is given to the Warrenton Family Shelter to support the needy there.
Charge Conference
A meeting of the council members of Bethel Church that is called by the district superintendent and chaired by the DS or his designated representative. The purpose of a charge conference is to make leadership, financial, or property decisions. Our annual charge conference usually happens at the end of the summer or in early fall. At the annual conference we set our goals, elect our officers, and approve our budget for the coming calendar year. In addition, we review our membership changes, report on the status of the church, and we report on the accomplishment of our goals from the previous years. Special charge conferences are called to approve building programs and take on new and significant debt. At a charge conference all congregation members are welcome and allowed to provide inputs, but only the council members vote.
Children’s Church
Following the Children’s message during worship, young children are invited to go to Children’s Church where they are taught the rhythms of worship until they can participate in our worship service. They have a lesson, they sing, they pray, they take an offering. Children participating in Children’s Church must have the attention span to participate. Younger children (pre-K) are encouraged to go to the nursery or to stay with their parents.
Church Conference
A charge conference in which all church members may participate and vote.
An organizational grouping of the United Methodist Church. We are members of the Virginia Conference.
Connection Café
Snacks and coffee and juice shared in the social hall before each Sunday service and between services. It provides the opportunity for those who attend different services to mingle and get to know one another. Food for the Connection Café is provided by volunteers.
Cookie Walk
A fund raising effort sponsored by the UMW. It is a part of the Annual Bazaar that occurs in November. Members of the church provide hundreds of homemade cookies. On the day of the cookie walk, those who come, buy small boxes that they are allowed to fill. It is one of our most popular fundraisers and people line up hours early to buy the cookies.
The small alphabetized mailboxes just outside of the narthex. They are there to provide a central place for distribution of letters and other correspondence among members of the congregation.
An organizational grouping of the United Methodist Church Conferences. In Virginia, we have 19 districts and we are in the Alexandria District.
District Superintendent
The pastor who is set apart from a local church by the conference to oversee the operation of a district.
Fifth Sunday
If a month has five Sundays, the last one is 5th Sunday. That Sunday is celebrated with a potluck brunch between the two Services at 9:30am and there is no Sunday School on the 5th Sunday.
Heart Havens
A Conference program that is sponsored by the UMC and adopted by the UMM. The program provides for the residential needs of adult individuals with Cognitive and Intellectual Disabilities and developmental disabilities. The homes are group homes and are spread throughout the state.
Helping Hands
A ministry of the Bethel UMM which reaches out to help persons with work projects that they could not accomplish on their own.< a name=”homecommunion”>Home Communion
The first Sunday of each month we consecrate bread and juice to be distributed to those who are unable to attend our worship service and to some in nursing homes and care facilities. This ministry is a part of the worship committee.
A prison ministry. Several folks in our congregation are involved and periodically go into prisons for weekends where they present a series of talks and activities designed to convey Christ’s love to the inmates who attend. This ministry is powerful in the transformation that occurs within many who attend. If you are interested, please contact Jim Templeton.
Kairos Cookies
Each time there is a Kairos weekend, each participant has to take 500 dozen cookies. When a weekend is coming up you will often hear requests in the announcement time for people to provide homemade cookies. And there are exact recipes that must be followed because some substances such as raisins and sugar sprinkles that are not allowed.
In the classroom on the third floor are a set of books and videos that are available for check out and reading. All is accomplished on the honor system. We just ask that you sign books out so that we might know where they are. The UMW manages this ministry and keeps books from the UMW reading program in the library.
Living our faith, sharing God’s love
The mission statement created and approved by the Church Council and a church conference in 2001.
The little town in southwest Virginia where we have our annual summer mission trip. We have been working with the people of Pocahontas since 2001.
Prayer Pals
Ministry that pairs children and youth of our congregation with adults for a school year. The adults pray daily for the child. This expands the notion of church family and helps everyone understand the power of prayer.
Random Acts of Kindness
An Outreach ministry that occurs around September 11th and in the spring. This project is designed to recognize and thank the “first responders” and others in our community for all they do to keep us safe.
Sparrow’s Rest
A ministry conceived by a member of the congregation, Catherine Bowers. Sparrows Rest is intended to be a farm type environment with horses and other animals where youth who are products of broken homes can live and learn life skills that will allow them to be productive members of society and learn to love as God first loved them. At the present time, Catherine is trying to sell her home in order to purchase a place where the ministry can begin. The organization is seeking incorporation as a non-profit mission in Fauquier County now.
Table Fellowship (Tables of Eight or Nine)
Quarterly gatherings of groups of eight or nine people (some couples and some not) to enjoy dinner together. Each pair brings a part of the meal to be shared. If you do not have a home big enough to host in, you will not be asked to host and you can still participate.
Tech Team
Persons who are trained in the use and setup of our audio-visual equipment used both in worship and in the social hall.
Ten Year Vision
The concept that the council has created and approved that envisions what Bethel Church will look like in 10 years. This vision gives the council a concept that the council can use to develop goals and programs as they lead Bethel Church into the future.
Tree of Life
The brass and copper tree in the social hall that that provides a meaningful and beautiful way to honor and remember loved ones and events in our lives through special gifts to our Endowment Fund and hence to the future of Bethel Church.
Upper Room
The room on the upper level of the new addition above the restrooms and behind the sanctuary. The place where many studies and meetings occur.
Upper Room Prayer Line
A ministry organized by the United Methodist Church and run by Upper Room ministries in Nashville. This prayer ministry allows persons throughout the country to call and have someone pray with them concerning issues that are troubling them. Local churches can sponsor the prayer line by manning it for specific periods of time. Our UMM group has sponsored the prayer line at Bethel Church.
Wesley Theological Seminary
Bethel Church is a partner with Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC, working together to help others understand God’s call for their lives.
A week long summer mission activity for youth in Petersburg, VA. During the week, the youth work in crews with youth from around the state to repair homes and in the evenings there are seminars for adults/workcampers 19 years old and over to learn about mission work related issues.