The United Methodist Women (UMW) has four stated purposes:

  1. to know God – examining our relationship with God and each other.
  2. to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ.
  3. to be a creative, supportive fellowship as partner’s in God’s mission.
  4. to expand the concepts of mission work through the participation in the Global Ministries of the Church and through local community and congregational action.

The Bethel Church UMW is extremely active and engaged in mission activity and support for our congregation, our community and the world.


The UMW sponsors fundraising events such as our annual holiday bazaar, our annual yard sale, our summer auction, monthly 3rd Saturday country breakfasts, bake sales, and special dinners. In addition, in 2001 the UMW commissioned and now sells a “Cat’s Meow” design of Bethel UMC. In 2002 the UMW compiled a cookbook, which has quickly become a local best seller. The money raised is used to provide financial support to mission projects such as Red Bird Mission, Hospice, People Helping People, Camp Overlook, The Warrenton Homeless Shelter, and support of a United Methodist missionary with which the UMW has a covenant relationship.

The UMW has done many things to support our congregation. When our social hall did not seem to provide enough gathering space and in an attempt to provide an outside area for gathering, the UMW spearheaded the building of our pavilion. The pavilion was built and paid for in less than a year. The UMW raised money to equip the kitchen of our new social hall that was built in 2003. And in true Methodist tradition, the UMW hosts our 5th Sunday fellowship meals.

Community Outreach

Our UMW reaches out to support many local organizations whose mission is consistent with the purpose of the UMW. To this end, our UMW engages in random acts of kindness such as taking meals to shut-ins, visiting the elderly and incapacitated in local nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.

Annual Conference

Our UMW also supports many projects of our annual conference and the greater mission of the UMW. Each year, the UMW gathers and assembles various kits that are taken and donated to our annual conference. The UMW provides financial support to both Red Bird Mission and Camp Overlook. Annually, youth are given scholarships to attend summer camp at Overlook. In 2002, The UMW became and remains actively engaged in the “Reading Program” of the greater UMW. In 2003, the UMW entered a covenant support relationship with a United Methodist Missionary in Horntown, Virginia and has committed itself to becoming a 5-Star unit.

Special Dinners and Events

Since the completion of the new social hall the UMW is able to host and cater special dinners and events. If you are interested in reserving the social hall for a special event contact the church office.

Monthly Meetings

The UMW meets on the first Saturday of each month in our social hall. The meeting begins with fellowship and refreshments from 9:30 – 10:00 and a program and business meeting immediately following. All are welcome to attend and join in the fellowship. If you are interested in joining, please contact the UMW President, Barbara Plummer.