Table Fellowship
There is no better place to get to know one another than over a home cooked meal and conversation. Each year the congregation joins in table fellowship in which 8 to 10 people gather at one person’s home to share a meal and get to know each other. These gatherings are scheduled quarterly and attempt to let all participants meet with different people each time.
Prayer Pals
In order to provide intergenerational support for our children and youth, each of our younger persons has an adult prayer partner who is not one of their parents. In this way, we provide support and encouragement and keep in contact with all of our young persons so that they can experience and begin to understand Christian fellowship and commitment. Prayer pals pray daily for their children and send them notes of encouragement at least monthly.
Advent and Lenten Devotional Booklets
For the last three years we have shared our stories of faith by writing a short note about a special encounter with God or with God’s grace. The stories are short like the Upper Room Devotional and include a prayer. By sharing our stories we have grown closer in our faith journeys and have found common experience and opportunity to share how God has impacted our lives. This openness has bound us more closely together as we have been willing to be vulnerable and share. The booklets are completed prior to each Advent and Lenten season and distributed to each family in the congregation.
Prayer List
We have an active prayer life. During our joys and concerns each week many concerns are raised and our weekly, published prayer list allows us to provide intercessory prayer for those whose names are raised each week.
Home Communion
Each time we celebrate Holy Communion in worship, we have laity teams that take the consecrated elements to those who were absent or are shut in. In this way, we can share this means of grace with all members and friends who are unable to attend.