Bethel Church has a heritage of determined faith that has kept our congregation alive and active for over 160 years. While there were times when we had fewer than 20 active members, our recent history has been one of growth and expansion. In the last six years, our average attendance has grown from 68 to over 160. Our growth coupled with our vision and mission has led us to a new building that has provided us a social hall that will accommodate between 150 and 200 persons and support both our congregational and community needs and our outreach programs.

Bethel Church was built in 1834 through the hard work and generosity of several dedicated persons. The land was given with the provision that the church always be a free church, and we have always been so. The original building was built so well that for more than a hundred years the building stood practically untouched. In 1888, two towers with vestibules and a connecting gallery were added. In 1967 we built a new building that had a small social hall, classroom space, a nursery, bathrooms, and an office. In 1997, our UMW funded the building of our pavilion. And in 2006 we have renovated our sanctuary, built a social hall, and provided handicapped access to our facilities.

In 1893, Bethel Church became a part of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. During our history, Bethel Church has been both a station church and a member of a multi-church charge in the Methodist denomination. It was in 1988 that Bethel Church most recently became a station church and we continue in that status today. For 13 years from 1988 to 2002, as one of our unique ministries, we had a second-career, student pastor. However, our recent growth has allowed us to move, in 2003, to having a full time pastor appointed to lead us and serve with us as we minister to the needs of our community.

As a congregation, we engage in many activities in the community to support the work of the needy and to bring the Gospel message to those with whom we engage. We have numerous activities and opportunities for people of all ages to work together and to share the Gospel with our neighbors.

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